Students are experiencing an opportunity gap in education. We see that a contributing factor to this gap is a lack of peer mentorship and supportive communities. While some mentorship programs exist, they are not student-led or driven. These programs are usually extensions of the educational system that many times bullies students into being “realistic” about their academic dreams. The combination of having a lack of encouraging spaces and the lack of a supportive community can be a formula to destroying academic dreams. These factors lead students to lose interest, not only in the classroom, but also in their afterschool spaces and communities at large. When students lose interest in the classroom, academic performance will suffer, behavioral issues will arise, and dropout rates will increase. When students lose interest in their afterschool spaces, juvenile incarceration rates will rise, teenage pregnancy rates will increase, and students will find ways to entertain themselves that will be less than productive. When students lose interest in their communities at large, the levels of community engagement will drop, community service will become non-existence, and ultimately a community will slowly die.